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How to Be a Great Server,
Handle Difficult Customers,
Earn Big Tips & Keep Your Sanity!

There is something seemingly transformational about restaurants that can sometimes turn an otherwise polite and civilized person into a rude and demeaning character. They can become extraordinarily messy, demanding, cheap - don't want to tip, and yes, they can even become very creative, wanting to substitute everything on the menu! Does this sound familiar?

We feel your pain! With decades of experience in the food service industry we know how it goes, so we created this guide to share the secrets for making your customers' experience positive while helping you earn big tips and keeping your sanity.


You'll also get insider advice as well as insightful and entertaining anecdotes to help you excel in any restaurant environment.

This book is a must for restaurant management wanting to up their game, waiters wanting to take their profession to the next level,and anyone involved in food service management who would like more success in the restaurant business.Note: ten percent of each book's profit is given to charity.


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about the authors

Each of us firmly believes that we would not be who we are today but for our experience of serving other people in a restaurant. These experiences have shaped who we are as service providers in our respective post-table-waiting professions. Our combined experience has left us with this undeniable truth-the better we treat others the better our own lives become.